Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample: Snippet from 'Just Shut Up and Drive' (Chapter Two)

Welcome to another Sweet Saturday Sample segment!

Well, today I'm sharing a bit from Chapter Two of my YA WIP, Just Shut Up and Drive. I'm actually getting very excited about this project. I can't wait to find out where these two guys are going to go. I do have an AWESOME idea for a twist in the middle but that's a surprise for later.

Ready for today's snippet?

If you remember from last time, Wil was tossing and turning thinking about the road trip he's being forced to go on. He was also thinking about, and missing, his parents. This week, I'm sharing the beginning of Chapter Two where Wil and Gramps are starting to hit the road. Enjoy!

Oh my God, Wil thought, flopping his head back on the top of his car seat. What does an old man need to pack up that takes this long?

He’d been sitting in the car for nearly fifteen minutes waiting for Gramps to come back out. The old man had been squawking at him since dawn to get a move on. They were actually in the car, engine started. Then Gramps had to run back inside to get something. ‘Run’ being an operative word since he wasn’t exactly rushing.

Wil lifted his head up, glanced over at the sidewalk, then let his head plunk back on the head rest. His stomach grumbled. They’d decided to pick up breakfast from Tim Hortons on the way out of the city so they could get an early start. He’d been up for over an hour with still no coffee or food in his system. Patience wasn’t his forte at the best of times but an empty stomach and lack of caffeine were enough to push him over the edge at that point.

He checked the time on the dash clock.


That’s it, he thought, pushing against the steering wheel with both hands. I’m giving him exactly one more minute then I start honking. Gramps hated being rushed. And he really hated disrespect of any kind. The last time Wil honked the horn at him from the driveway, Gramps nearly twisted his ear right off his skull. He put his palm on the side of his head from the memory, then jumped when the passenger door creaked open.

“Well, welcome back!” Wil said, sitting up and leaning over the steering wheel. “I was about to send in a search party.”

Gramps waved his hand at Wil, “Bah!” he grunted, then reached back to pull his seat belt across his chest. “I told ya I had to get a few things I’d forgotten to pack up.”

“Well, I hope you went pee pee while you were in there because I am not stopping for a while, mister.” Wil pulled his seat belt on, repressing a smile.

“If I have an urge, I’ll just grab me a Depends from my bag,” Gramps said with a deadpan stare. “Now shut up and drive.”

Wil burst out laughing. He backed out of the driveway and eased into the early morning rush hour traffic on Kenaston Boulevard. After a quick stop at Tim Hortons, and much debate about who was going to pay, they were out on the highway.

“Jiminy Crickets, boy,” Gramps yelled. “You drive like an old lady on a Sunday afternoon drive. Don’t be afraid to push down on that gas peddle.”

“Gramps,” Wil sighed. “I’m going the speed limit. Anyway, what the heck’s the hurry?”

“The hurry is I hate being a passenger in my own car,” he said, emphasizing each word. “And watch your mouth, boy. You aren’t too old for me to give a whoppin’ to.”

“You’re just ticked cuz they won’t let you drive anymore. It’s your own fault for not taking care of your eyes, Gramps. And for the record, it’s my car now. You sold it to me, remember?”

Gramps got a sour look on his stern face, like he just sucked on a lime. “Don’t you be talking to me like I’m some crazy old guy whose lost his mind. Of course I remember selling you the car. Shoulda charged you more, considering the lip I have to put up with every time I gotta be in here with you.”

“You could take a cab, you know,” Wil said, staring at the road ahead of them. “Or the bus.” God help the poor drivers.

“Nah,” Gramps said, slugging back the rest of his coffee and shoving the empty cup in a plastic bag. “I get much more pleasure out of torturing you than I would a stranger.”

I noticed. “Alrighty, then. So you got a plan for us or are we just going to keep going until we run out of gas?”

Gramps crossed his arms over his chest and looked out his window. “First stop is gonna be Elie.”

Wil released a sharp breath and squinted. “Seriously? There’s like 100 people living there.”


“Close enough. And I’m sure the Census people were able to gather them all in one place and count them at once. C’mon, Gramps. What could possibly be in that small town worth checking out? If we drive straight on, we can get to Portage La Prairie for lunch…”

“Just because a place isn’t all lit up like Vegas doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be visited,” Gramps interrupted. “Some places need to be seen because they’re goldmines for memories. We’re stopping at Elie.”

Wil had a smart-butt retort clinging to the tip of his tongue but he kept it there after giving Gramps a side-glance. The old man rested his chin on his right fist and stared out his window.

“Fine. I guess we’re stopping at Elie,” Wil mumbled. Like my vote even counted.

For the rest of the road time to the small town, neither man spoke. Gramps held his position glaring out his window while Wil rested his head on his left hand and drove with his right. Nothing to look at but the yellow divider lines whipping past and the sound of the car rattling in protest against the speed they were going.

Wil switched the radio on. After a second, and without breaking his stare out of his window, Gramps turned it back off.

Wonderful. He remembered some comedian said never to go on long road trips with kids, animals or old people. They all needed pee breaks every two hours, got restless sitting still for too long and bit you when they were mad.

At least Elie was only a twenty minute drive.

Thanks so much for joining me here today! I hope you enjoyed my sample! I'm off to check the other fabulous authors participating this week HERE. Feel free to share and I hope to see you next time.


  1. I'm sure enjoying this journey, even though it just got started! It will be fun to see what the duo encounters along the way. What a great idea for a story.

    1. Hi Sandy! I'm so glad you're liking it so far. I thought it would be a hilarious idea for a story. There will be some great adventures along the way. ;)

  2. This is sounding like an interesting journey

    1. I'm hoping it will be, Lindsay. I have some interesting twists and turns for Wil (and Gramps) along the way. ;)

  3. Oh, this is going to be fun ... for the reader.

    1. LOL! I hope so too. I'm really enjoying these characters so far. =D

  4. I'm really liking this story. I can't wait to see what kinds of adventures they have on the road.

    1. You're a sweetheart, Carrie-Anne! I'm so glad you're liking the story. These comments inspire me to keep writing it. ;)


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