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Sweet Saturday Samples: Another Snippet From My YA WIP "Just Shut Up and Drive"

Hello and welcome back to another Sweet Saturday Sample!

I haven't gotten to work on this project as much lately. With all of my freelance editing work, promoting new book projects as well as preparing for a HUGE book blog tour for White Elephants, I haven't had time for writing.

BUT I still have some great snippets for you. And if you like them, I'll find the time to bring you more.

Last week Gramps and Wil left the church after an emotional scene with Wil lighting a candle for his Gran. This week, we're kicking things off that will be the introduction to a major twist the story.


“Gramps?” Wil said in a loud whisper, giving the old man a light shake. They arrived in Portage La Prairie and Wil was trying to wake Gramps up from his deep slumber. The task was as easy as shooing a Mama bear away from her cubs. Oh, he’d so hate that comparison.
“Hey, Gramps, we’re in Portage and I need help choosing where to eat,” Wil said, his voice in a regular tone.
He clicked his tongue. The old geezer probably turned his hearing aid off again. Well, I guess I’ll have to pull out the big guns.
Wil turned the engine on, then cranked the radio. When it didn’t work right away, he turned it to a classical station just as a lead soprano was hitting her high note. Well, that did it. Gramps jolted awake, pushing himself up to a sitting position and gripped his door handle. Breathing in and out for several seconds, he put his other hand on his chest. Wil was leaning against his window, his hands over his stomach, in hysterical laughter.
Gramps glared his grandson and shut the radio off. “Holy Hannah, boy. If you were trying to kill me that almost did the job. Don’t wake a man in his 90’s to the sound of cats being shot with elephant guns. This old heart can’t take it.”
“Oh, come on,” Wil said, wiping his eyes and releasing one last snort. “Don’t give me that. Your heart is as strong as any dude my age. Besides, that’ll teach you not to turn your hearing aid off.”
“Don’t be so sure about that. You give the heart enough jolts like that and the end will come faster than you know. And stop harassing me about my ear hardware. If I wanna shut ‘er off to get some sleep, I’m gonna.”
Wil sighed, shaking his head. “Fine.”
Gramps looked around. “Where in the tarnation are we?”
“Gas station.”
“Good to see that we get two miles to the gallon. What a complete waste of money.”
“You want me to drop you off at the bus station over there? I have no problem sending you on the rest of the way by yourself.”
Gramps stuck out his lower lip and crossed his arms over his chest.
“Aw, turn that frown upside down, Mister Grumpy Gills,” Wil said, flipping Gramps’ lip with his finger. “Here. You can choose where we eat.”
The old man swatted at Wil’s hand. “Stop treatin’ me like a child or some useless imbecile.”
“Then suck that lip back in and act your age. Isn’t that what you told me to do a few miles back?”
“What’s that, now?”
“I want to eat at Denny’s. I gotta a hankering for a Grand Slam.”
Just what Wil wanted right then. To watch an old man wolf down a plate filled with pancakes, runny eggs, sausage and bacon. “Your doctor will kill me if I let you eat all that cholesterol, fat and carbs.”
“And how’s he gonna find out unless you tell him? Look, a man lives over 90 he should be allowed to eat whatever the Sam Haiti he wants.”
“I’ll give ya that one But I’m the poor sucker who has to be in small space with you for hours after you eat all of that stuff not Sam Haiti.”
“Trust me, son. At this age, all food has the same affect on the gut. But I’d rather feel the affects after enjoying a Grand Slam than gagging down a stupid bran muffin. And if you think I’m gonna eat a muffin and water while you’re stuffing a burger and fries in your trap, you’re nuts.”
The two of the stared at each other for a few seconds, then Wil broke the silence. “Fine. Grand Slam it is. But if you drop dead after eating it, I’m telling everyone you snuck off and ate it on your own. I’m not taking responsibility for it.”
“I’d expect nothing less.”
Wil drove across the main road to Denny’s. The parking lot was almost full but there didn’t seem to be a long wait. They got out of the car and started walking up to the door. Wil opened the door for his grandfather and said, “And for the record, I’m not having a burger this time. I think I’ll go with chili.”
Gramps pursed his lips. “Hm. Good thing we got power windows in that crappy car.”
Wil let out a belly laugh and slapped Gramps on the back as he walked past. There were two families and one couple ahead of them.
“Should be about ten minutes or so at the most,” the chunky hostess said. “Have a seat and we’ll call you shortly. Did you have a booth or table preference?”
“Either is fine,” Wil said, standing next to his grandfather who’d taken the last waiting spot on the couch. “Just make sure to save us a booster seat.”
“Oh! Do you have children joining you? We have crayons and activity books too.”
“No kids. Just him. I’m sure he’d love the activity book, though. He gets a little cranky and impatient waiting for his food.”
The people around them giggled. Gramps’ face crimsoned. “Shut it boy, or I’ll cut you out of the Will. I already owe you for the opera wake up. Don’t make me add another strike.”
A little girl with dark hair and chocolate brown eyes sitting next to Gramps tugged on his sleeve. He leaned down to her and she said, “Hey mister. Don’t feel embarrassed that you use a booster seat. I do too. It just gets you closer to the food is all.”
Gramps’ lips stretched into a smile. “Why thank you, young lady. That’s wonderful advice.”
The hostess called the next name on her list. “Harper, party of three.”
“Get up, Dakota,” the woman said, yanking on the girl’s arm. “Our table is ready.”
“Hey! Take it easy there,” Gramps said. “She’s just enlightening us with her pearls of wisdom. She’s a lot brighter than my grandson here.”
The woman, who reminded Wil of a Jersey Shore cut-out chick with her big hair and over-done makeup, glared at Gramps. She ignored his comment, and then disappeared down the aisle after the hostess. The slimy man with her, who looked like a lynchman from the Sopranos television show, clicked his tongue at the old man then sauntered behind the women.
Gramps looked up at his grandson, who shrugged. Some people, man.

And just WHO is that little girl? HUH? (hee hee) Well, I thank you again for joining us for another Sweet Saturday Samples segment. Please make sure to check out the other very talented writers on the list this week HERE. There are some great samples. I may not have time to comment on them but I always check them out.


  1. I love your title! You've shown us a very realistic relationship between Gramps and Wil.

    1. Hi Sandra! Thanks so much for dropping by!

      Actually the title was a working title at first but I think I might keep it. ;) And thanks for your comment about Gramps and Wil. I adore them too. =)

      See you again soo, I hope.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Lindsey! They are so hilarious! ;)


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