Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sweet Saturday Samples: A Snippet from my NEW WIP (YA Immortal Series)

Welcome back to Sweet Saturday Samples!

This week I wanted to share a snippet from a very different project I have in the works. It's going to be a YA series revolving around a female immortal (Highlander). As you all know, I'm more on the contemporary or suspense side of things so I'm a bit nervous but excited about this project.

The Prologue really gives the entire background to the story but I thought I'd share a bit from what the girl goes through in current day and see what y'all think.


“Miss Campbell?” Mrs. Faulkner, the Grade Twelve History teacher said, peering over her reading glasses.

The teacher’s voice startled Malvina out from her catnap. She lifted her head up from her arms folded on her desk and squinted. “What?”

Mrs. Faulkner removed her glasses, then tossed them on her desk. She drew in a deep breath then said, “Miss Campbell, although we’re most pleased that you decided to join our class today, it would be nice if you could try staying awake when you’re here,” she breathed out sharply then continued. “Or, at the very least, refrain yourself from snoring so you aren’t bothering those who are actually here to learn.”

A few snickers hissed around Malvina, her cheeks tingeing a light pink. “I-I’m so sorry, Mrs. Faulkner. I guess I was up too late last night. If it means anything, I heard everything you said.”

“Mm hm,” the teacher muttered, crossing her hands over her chest. “If it weren’t for the fact you are somehow achieving straight ‘A’s’ in this class, though I have no idea why since you are never here nor pay attention when you are, I’d send you out to Principal Davies’ office to sort out your...sleeping issues.”

Malvina opened her mouth to politely tell Mrs. Faulkner where to go when the bell rang. Probably for the best, she thought. God knows what would have come out once I got going.

“Alright, everyone,” Mrs. Faulkner shouted above the hustle and bustle of kids rushing out of the classroom. “Read, make notes on and do the study questions for chapter three in your European History text. We’re up to the Scots now. Perhaps, that will keep some of us awake.”

Wow. Subtle.

Malvina stood up so she could follow her row out the door, but Mrs. Faulkner had other plans for her. “Miss Campbell? A word, if you don’t mind?”

“Actually, I-“ Malvina started to say.

“It’ll only take a few precious minutes of your time. I promise,” Mrs. Faulkner interrupted.

She motioned for Malvina to sit back down, and the teen dramatically flopped down into the front desk by the door. Well, at least I’ll have a quick escape, she thought.

Malvina slumped back in the hard, plastic chair, twirling her curly dark auburn locks, watching all the students filing out into the hallway. Mrs. Faulkner gathered all the papers and books scattered across her desk and organized them into two piles—papers on the left, books on the right—positioned ever so perfectly.

Wow. I’ll be she could cut diamonds with her butt, Malvina thought, repressing a yawn.

A bell clanged again, signaling the start of the next class and the business in the hall slowly quieted then stopped. Mrs. Faulkner moved her hands behind her back as she sauntered over to close the door. She walked back to her desk with the same slow, deliberate pace, the heels of her shoes making a hard clicking noise that echoed around the room.

The urge to yell at the woman to get it over with was so overwhelming, Malvina had to put her hand over her mouth. She counted to ten in an attempt to cool her hot Scottish temper rising in her chest as Mrs. Faulkner moved to the desk beside her and sat on top of it. Even though she didn’t look up at the teacher, she felt her stare.

“Miss Campbell…Malvina…I’m wondering how things are for you at home.”

Malvina frowned, shifting her eyes to a side-glance. “Um, what do you mean?”

“I mean is everything going okay for you at home? Are there any issues you’d like to talk about?”


Mrs. Faulkner breathed out sharply and leaned forward. “I mean, I understand that you are living with a guardian since your parents…”

“Died? You can say it, you know. I’m pretty much used to the idea. It happened a long time ago.” Longer than you know, she thought.
I so appreciate you including my blog as part of your tour of the Saturday Samples. I'll share a bit more from this project as I get work done on it. Next week, we'll take a look at what Gramps and Wil are up to again. ;)

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  1. Wow. Fascinating excerpt. I want to read the prologue to find out how she's able to get all A's and be able to hear the teacher if she was sleeping, and why she's so tired. Sounds like a winner!

    1. Hi Patty. =) Malvina is pretty amazing. I wish I could work and do well while I"m sleeping. It would save so much time and I'd finally be well-rested (LOL!)

      Thanks for checking out my snippet. I may come to you in the future to help me perfect sword-fighting scenes. ;D

  2. Today's excerpt definitely drew me in and raised lots of questions: Malvina can sleep in class but still hear the lesson? Her parents died? and "longer than you know?" I'd keep turning pages to find answers. I could see the scene vividly, and hear the voices too.

    I admire you for jumping into a different genre -- quite different from Gramps and Wil.

    1. Hiya Sandy. Thanks for coming by.

      I'm glad you're asking those quesitons already. It means it's going in the right direction. ::whew:: ;)

      Yes, it's a bit different than the other work I've done. But it'll still have alot of the things I always touch on. Thanks for your input. <3

  3. Interesting start to the story

    1. Hey Lindsay, thanks so much. I'll share a bit more from it as I work on it. =)

  4. You hooked me. I am very interested in reading more. :)

    1. Hi Rachel. YAY! So glad you liked it. Maybe I'll edit the prologue and share that one of these weeks. It sort of gives the backdrop of the whole story. ;)

      Thanks for coming by.


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