Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Countdown to the Release of DARK WATER (5...People are LOVING the story!)

Welcome back to our countdown. Ooooo! It's getting even more exciting as we now only have five more days until release day for DARK WATER!

For those of you just tuning into our celebration, I've been having a week-long countdown to when my latest novel, DARK WATER, is released in Kindle format on July 15th -- this coming Sunday. On Monday, I shared how the book came to be and yesterday I introduced everyone to the main characters. Today, I'd like to share some of the wonderful review blurbs the book has been getting.

I am so proud of this story, and so it's wonderful to hear that people have been enjoying it so much.

Kristin Van Dyken from Whispers From A Book review blog said, "Chynna Laird was masterful in her weaving of a suspenseful, romantic mystery.  She gave me the impression of control in knowing where the book was heading only to tilt my world with some amazing twists.  This paranormal suspense was not only a thrill to read, but left me spinning!"

Carly "Anne" Wallace of Paranormal Book Club really seemed to 'get' the heart of the story: "Freesia is about to have a summer she will never forget.  She has suffered a terrible loss and is now the soul link for her sister Sage to the rest of the world.  Being defenceless is hard but being lost and defenceless inside your own mind is intolerable. Freesia will nurture a long time crush, become a strong young woman, and discover the secrets held by The Watcher in the Dark Water."

While the wonderful Bella Colella, also from Paranormal Book Club enjoyed the suspense and 'ghostiness' of the story: "Freesia’s journey to find her mother brings her face to face with many new and strange encounters. This story it packed with love, mystery and suspense and you wont want to miss out on this ending, it will have you bracing the edge of your seat! A must read of 2012!"

Some of my favorite blurbs come from fellow authors. Doreen McGettigan, author of the memoir BRISTOL bOYZ STOMP (which I'm currently reading), loved the 'realness' I wove into the storyline: "Chynna tells a suspenseful, nightmarish, haunting tale while, like a master seamstress, she weaves real insight throughout the story into the world of war, mental health and special needs. This one will be with me for a long time."

I was fortunate enough to have some other fantastic review blurbs, which I'll share as the release day gets closer. You'll want to come back tomorrow as I'm going to share the Prologue to give you a taste of what the story is about. Oh! And the cover is absolutely stunning (even my publisher wanted to keep it. LOL!). I'll be sharing that in a couple of days.

See you tomorrow!

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