Friday, July 13, 2012

Countdown to the Release of DARK WATER (3...Cover Unveiling!)

TA DA: the cover of DARK WATER.
What do you think?
Oh, I am SO excited for today's post. For those of you just dropping in today, I've been sharing tidbits about my new YA suspense/paranormal DARK WATER all week. The official release (Kindle) is this Sunday and I really wanted to have everyone join me in the excitement leading up to the big day.

I've introduced you all to the characters, shared how the book came to be, shared a few reviews and even gave you a taste of the book by sharing the Prologue. Today, I'm finally giving you a glimpse at the cover and the back cover description.

I have wanted to share this with the world since I got peak at it. Isn't it absolutely beautiful? Cover designer, Ryan Doan did the most amazing job capturing everything this book is about in this haunting image. (Thank you, Ryan!)

And here's the back cover description:

"Some answers are found far beneath the surface…
Sixteen-year-old Freesia Worth has a mystery to solve—the disappearance of her mother at their family lake house. Her traumatized sister Sage hasn't said a word ever since that day.

After almost a year, Detective Barry Cuaco has found nothing but frustrating dead ends. Soon he'll have to let the case go. But Freesia isn’t making it easy for him. She needs answers. Now.

With the help of her secret crush, Rick, and a mysterious Goth girl named Mizu, Freesia learns about an ancient Native legend and a man known as the Watcher of the Lake.

Will Freesia finally uncover the truth? Or will the lake keep its secrets far beneath the dark water?"

So, there you are! Please come back tomorrow as I will be sharing the first chapter, then it's one more sleep until release day! (And I have an even more awesome surprise on the big day! WHOO HOO!)

See you tomorrow!


  1. Sounds cool! Looking forward to the read. :)

    1. Hi there! Thanks so much for checking it out. Only two more days to go! WHOO HOO! ;D


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