Thursday, September 20, 2012

DARK WATER is featured on Indie Authors Anonymous!

I am very excited, and honored, to have DARK WATER featured over at Indie Authors Anonymous! Come on over and check out the amazing job they did.

On a sidenote, I wanted to suggest to my fellow Indie authors to check this site out. They offer a fantastic opportunity for Indie authors to get their work out there to a wider audience, and to get their books into the hands of those who normally wouldn't know about them.

There are a variety of services on Indie Authors Anonymous, including having your book cover advertised on the sidebar for a while.

They did a great job on my little spotlight, and I am so grateful. I strongly recommend them if you are looking for another way to get you and your work out there. After all, self-promotion is a big part of being an author.

See you again soon. =)

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