Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sensory Awareness Month Book Giveaway Week Four ~ Out Of Sync (Adult Suspense)

I apologize for this post being a couple of days late. We've had alot going on around here...too much. But that's another post for another day.

Thank you for joining us for our final week of celebrating sensory awareness through the love of books. First of all, I'd like to congratulate SHERRY, who has posted each week about her grandson. You have won copies of both Not Just Spirited and Dark Water! Please contact me either through here or on my author Facebook Page so I can get your mailing information.

Now...on to this week's book: OUT OF SYNC.

This is actually my first work of fiction, even though Blackbird Flies came out first. The main character, Cheyenne, was how I envisioned Jaimie to be when she was grown: strong, successful, independent and living with SPD as best as she can. Cheyenne is someone who, like Jaimie, was tremendously affected by her sensory issues and received treatment much later than she should have. But she's learned to cope very well and considers SPD a gift rather than a hurdle...just like my Jaimie.

Here's the book jacket synopsis:
Cheyenne McCarthy has two fears: Our sensory rich world and the man who killed her husband. Cheyenne's gift helps her catch serial killers. But will it save her when the man comes for her and her unborn child? And will the secret he knows about her past be what finally breaks her?
It's not only a suspenseful thriller, there is also mystery to solve in Cheyenne figuring out who her birth family is. And you will be as shocked as she was to find out the truth! And sprinkled within the storyline is seeing how an adult copes with SPD (and a bit of sweet romance). It has a bit of everything.
To have a chance to win a copy of OUT OF SYNC, all you have to do is a) leave a comment in this post, with your email information (so I can get a hold of you if you win); and b) follow us. Because I was a bit late getting this one up, the draw date will be October 31st at midnight. We'll be trying to do a few more posts on all of the books we've featured this month before Sensory Awareness Month ends.
Be sure to come back soon! OH! And feel free to pass this post along to those you think would be interested.


  1. Haven't read this yet - would love to win a signed copy (or any copy). Loved your other books
    Sue (

    1. Hi Sue! I am so glad you liked the other books. I'm so touched that you'd take the time to read them. Thank you.

      Consider yourself entered!

      Chynna x

  2. Seriously, I won two books? I can't wait to read both of them. I am trying not to be overwhelmed with info on autism, thus I've been very selective. Your books have been on my list of "to read" so thank you very much. I sent my address via fb messaging.


  3. You DID, Sherry! =D Congrats. I got your message and will get your books out to you this weekend.



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