Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample: Another Snippet From 'Just Shut Up and Drive' (My Contemporary YA WIP)

Welcome to another segment of Sweet Saturday Samples!

I'm right in the middle of editing Just Shut Up and Drive, and hoping to get it out for consideration to publishers very soon. Sharing snippets with all of you, and gathering your thoughts, will really help me during the editing process.

Last time I shared a scene where Gramps revealed the first of many surprises he has for Wil along their upcoming journey. In this short snippet, Wil starts working on the truck and their bond begins.

He opened the hood of the truck, then stared. It was in mint condition. His dad and his buddies had done an outstanding job. And Gramps must have kept it up because everything looked near perfect and new.
“What’s the plan for today?” Gramps shuffled into the garage and stopped beside Wil.
“I was thinking of replacing the plugs, and then testing out the points and condenser. If I have time after that, I’ll adjust the carburetion, change out the timing belt, and maybe change the transmission fluid.”
“Hm. That’s a lot for one afternoon. Maybe just focus on the ignition system for today. I’m bettin’ you’ll find other stuff to check out, touch up and look at. Your dad always did.”
Wil paused, keeping his eyes on the engine. “Gramps?”
“Did you work on this with Dad too? You know…hang with him and stuff?”
“He wouldn’t let me do anything on the truck—it was his project. But, sure. I hung out with him, handed him tools, talked all about cars. You know, I know a thing or two about vehicles.”
Wil sputtered a laugh. “So I’ve heard.” He gave Gramps a side-glance, then put all his focus back under the hood. “Well, uh. Maybe you could hang out here with me? You know…like you did with Dad…”
“Sure, son. That’d be fine.” Wil felt a slap on his upper back, then Gramps left his hand there for a few seconds.
“But if you touch anything, I’m going to have to slap your hands and send you inside.”
“Any chance we could suck that sarcasm outta ya before we go on our trip? One of us won’t make it home, otherwise.”
“Only if we lose yours. And don’t worry. I’ll make sure you have the funeral of kings.”
“Just shut up and get to work. You’re wastin’ daylight.”
Wil smiled as he felt one more hard slap between his shoulder blades, then the hand moved away.
For the rest of the afternoon, Wil worked on the truck while Gramps mostly sat on a stool talking about old cars, engine parts and occasionally handing Wil a tool. Close to suppertime, they decided to call it quits for the day and cover the truck back up with the tarp.
Wil rubbed engine oil off his hands and forearms with a rag and said, “Thanks for this, Gramps. Really. Just…thanks.”
Gramps nodded. “Sure, son. But you’re doing me a favor. Not only are you doing all the work, now I don’t have to sit in that cramped, flaming hot, crappy hatchback of yours.”
“And here I thought you were doing this out of the kindness of your heart.”
“Bah! You should know me better than that by now.” Gramps waved his hand at Wil, then walked toward the garage door. “Lock up and come inside.”
“Be right in. I need to have a shower anyway.”
Wil tossed the rag on the workbench, turned the lights off then started out the door. He paused before shutting it, staring at the tarp-covered truck.
I don’t know what you have planned, Gramps, he thought. But I plan to get to know you by the time this trip is over.
Then he slammed the door shut, and ran in the house before Gramps had a chance to squawk out the order to do so.
I hope you enjoyed this peek into the story. Be sure to check out all of the snippets from the other amazing authors on the Sweet Sample list HERE. See you next time!


  1. Chynna, shared a link to your name and books with some poets I know. The topic of SPD came up & I thought of you and your writing.:)

    1. WOW, Patricia. Thank you so much. I so appreciate that. xo

  2. I was out of town last weekend so I went back and read that before reading this one. I'm still loving this story! I'm sure it will find a great home, soon.

  3. I look forward to reading every excerpt of this story because I absolutely love it. The developing relationship between grandson and grandfather is heart-warming and real. I love their dialogue. I'm sure this story will find a publisher right away.


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