Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample: An Excerpt from Just Shut Up and Drive

Welcome to today's Sweet Saturday Sample! It's been a long time since I've joined in so I am so excited to be here today. And I'm also excited to be sharing a snippet from 'Just Shut Up and Drive'.
I have actually finished this story (YAY!) and in the editing stages with it (BOO! LOL!). I've added a few twists and turns that I think really add to the storyline. In this scene, Gramps is about to introduce Wil to the first of many surprises on their road trip.


Wil had the worst sleep. So he wasn’t impressed to being shaken awake just as daylight blared through his window.
“Great balls of fire, boy! Get up!”
“Gramps, for the love of all that’s good in the world. It’s Saturday. I don’t have to work and I just want to sleep in. With all due respect, and there isn’t much of it at the moment, get out!”
“Get out of that bed and downstairs in the next five minutes or I’ll pour all the coffee down the sink.”
Wil opened his eyes as wide as he could. “What is your problem? What can’t wait for another couple of hours?”
Gramps didn’t answer. He just got up, gave Wil one last shake, then walked out.
Wil rolled over on his back, and put his pillow over his face.
I wonder how much time I’d have to serve offing a guy his age, he thought. Really. The courts would be empathetic if they knew what it was really like to deal with him.
He groaned, threw his pillow across the room then lugged himself up to a sitting position. He reached down and pulled on the same clothes he had woren the day before. If Gramps was going to make him get up that early, he wasn’t going to make an effort to look and smell all pretty.
As he walked down the stairs, the sweet aroma of coffee flooded his nostrils. Gramps was nowhere, so he took the time to pour himself a cup of coffee then yelled, “Gramps!”
No answer.
“Gramps? Where are you? You wake me up before the sun has made a full appearance and you are nowhere. Gramps?”
Still no answer. He stirred cream and sugar into his coffee, and noticed the inside back door was open. He tapped the spoon on the rim of his cup, tossed the spoon into the sink, then sucked a big slurp of coffee.
Ahh! A few more gulps and I’ll feel half-human.
He walked over to the back hall—cup in hand—and stuffed his feet into his runners. He figured Gramps must have been out in the backyard watering the garden or in the garage. Since he had no explanation of what he was supposed to check out, he figured he was expected to search it out. Not uncommon.
“Gramps? C’mon, old man. This Hide-and-Seek thing is getting old!” Wil raised his cup to take another sip when Gramps’ voice startled him, causing him to drool hot coffee down his front.
“What are you doing out here? I told you to meet me in the garage.”
Wil cursed under his breath and rubbed the coffee drips on his t-shirt. “Um, actually you didn’t. You just ordered me downstairs.”
“Huh. Guess I hoped you’d be smart enough to come out here since I left the door open.”
“I think you just had your hearing aid turned off.”
“What are you rambling about?”
Wil took a deep breath in through is nose, then released it slowly before replying. “Nothing. My mistake, as always. I’m coming. Just excuse me while I nurse the third degree burns on my chest.”
“Not my fault you have a problem with drinking.”
“I don’t have a drinking problem.”
“You’re right. The problem is getting it anywhere near your mouth in the first place, obviously.”
“Alright! That’s enough, already!” Wil raised his free hand. “It’s too early for this and I don’t have enough coffee in me to deal with you. Just tell me what the heck we’re doing out here and what I’m supposed to be doing.”
Gramps walked up in Wil’s face, gripping his wrist. “Let’s get something straight, son. You don’t talk to me that way. That sort of disrespect is exactly why we’re going on our trip. You got things to learn…things to know…before you can be a real man in the world. Just like your dad did. He learned. You’re gonna. Now get your sorry butt in that garage before I kick it across the street.”
Wil yanked his arm from Gramps’ deceivingly strong hand, and walked into the garage. Hot tears stung his eyes, which he hated. He wasn’t a crier and he certainly was never sensitive to his grandfather’s spout-offs. Must have been the mention of his dad.
Well, that's it for this week! Join me again as I share the adventures of these two awesome men. OH! And be sure to check out the other amazing authors HERE.


  1. Congratulations on finishing this story. As soon as I saw the photo on your post, I remembered it. So glad you're back to Sweet Saturday Samples! Today's scene is great -- realistic dialogue that tells us a lot about their relationship. I'm looking forward to more.

    1. Hi Sandy! Thank you! It seemed to take waaaay too long to finish it. LOL! Too much else to do.

      I'll share more. YOURS was great too. <3

  2. There's a real generation gap there. Good job! BTW, will "deceptively strong hand" work for you instead of "deceivingly strong hand?" The latter word kind of stopped my eye when I read it. Whatever works for you.

    1. Marsha, I like that. Makes much more sense. THANK YOU for your keen eye. ;)))

      And thanks for commenting. <3


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