Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Celebrating the Anniversary of White Elephants!

Yes, okay. I know that it's been quite awhile since I have been blogging. My BAD! But I have been going through alot personally and professionally and had to focus my energy on those things. There comes a time in life when one must re-negotiate what's most important and do a life shuffle. And that's what I've been doing.

I've had to do this a few times in my life...re-negotiating what's important. Or, what some folks call, 're-prioritizing''. Practically at the end of every decade of my life so far, I've had to. Maybe that's a good thing...who knows. All I know is that I am in a much better place and that's what's most important.

On that note, I realized the other day that this is the anniversary month for my very emotionally charged memoir, White Elephants. This book is about a little girl who saw, heard, felt, went through more than she wanted to and never asked for. BUT...all that she went through made her a stronger person. We have ALL gone through tough times....some of us more hardhships than others. But if one person can be helped from those hard times, isn't it worth it to share your experiences? I thought so. 

So here's the deal. This book deals with abuse (of all kinds), untreated mental illness, family dysfunction and learning to heal, cope and move on. It is meant to be a tool to help inspire people...FAMILIES...help one another. And it has been the #1 recommended Best Books On Recovering From Family Trauma on Goodreads since the book came out four years ago! We will be doing a giveaway for three lucky winners to win a signed copy of the book. We will be posting quotes from the book, family pictures, interviews and so much more. This entire month is devoted to this heart-tugging, yet heart-warming, story. Here's all you have to do:

1. Share a story of inspiration. What do YOU turn to that helps you keep moving forward through tough times?
2. Follow Chynna on her Author Page to join the discussion this month.
3. Join Chynna's blog. 
4. And I'd so appreciate a vote on Goodreads (link above) to be sure the issues in this book is kept out there on people's minds and being talked about.

Each of the above things would be considered an extra vote. It isn't a requirement but if you do any of the above, be sure to mention so in your comment below. The draw date for the books will be January 31st . ;)

Thank you all. Good luck. <3


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