Saturday, February 28, 2015

Food For Thought Friday!!! Greek Pasta

Welcome to Food For Thought!This is actually a Friday post but it's going up on Saturday. Weird.

As you all know, I love cooking. I find it relaxing, actually. And I love experimenting with different ingredients and different cuisines from different cultures. Greek and Italian are two of my favourites. Today, I'm going to share my favourite Greek vegetarian recipe.

My kids are mini-carnivores but I try to give them at least two nights a week where we are meatless. I even bought Paul McCartney's cookbook 'Meat Free Monday' to inspire that (it kinda worked. lol). Plus my son, Xander, still has alot of chewing/swallowing issues so meat free nights give him a chance to chow down more heartedly. This recipe is suited to feed my family of six (four kids, my fiance and myself) but feel free to adjust for smaller or bigger families. And it's also a great leftover dish!

Okay this is a super simple recipe so my working moms out there will like this one. Ready? Here we go. Oh! And please feel free to comment and let me know if you get the chance to try it.



1 450 package of spaghettini (or pasta of your choice)
tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
3 big cloves of garlic
1 small container of cherry or grape tomatoes
1 can of black sliced olives
small tub of feta cheese
teaspoon of ground nutmeg

1. Cook pasta according to package instructions, until el dente, then put aside.
2. Using the same pot you cooked your pasta in, heat up your oil until you see it shimmering.
3. Peel your garlic then smash them with the side of your knife. You don't need to chop it up. What you're doing is 'seasoning' the oil with the garlic rather than actually cooking it.
4. While the garlic is simmering, cut your tomatoes into halves. Remove the garlic from the oil then add the tomatoes and cook until they are just starting to break down into a sauce.
5. Add your olives and cook for about three to five minutes.
6. Turn heat off. Add the cooked pasta to your mini sauce then add your feta and nutmeg. You may want to add a bit of salt and pepper to taste, just be careful because feta is very salty, Then toss until pasta is coated.

That's it! Easy breezy! Enjoy.

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