Tuesday, February 3, 2015

TALK ABOUT IT Tuesday: Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Love

All the 'selfs' - confidence, esteem and love - aren't traits we are born with. We learn them and are taught to nurture them so they can grow. For many of us, we either never get to learn these things or they are taken from us in one way or another.

I know.

I've been there.

But it's time we start taking them back. The reason I decided to 'talk about' these things today is because I have a couple of wonderful women I know, one who is very VERY close to me, who have allowed someone to steal their light and I want her, and all of you, to take it back.

Your self-confidence is your light...it gives you the strength and courage to keep moving forward. It is what makes you stand up, take charge, take back and refuse to give up. It gets you through tough times and reminds you that you ARE worth it. It gives your backbone a little bit of strength when you don't think you have it, or you're too tired to go on.

Your Self-esteem is your light...this is what gives you the self-worth to not let others steal from you. And by that I mean it gives you that reminder not to allow people to chip away at the core of who you are. It reminds you of just that...who you are! Self-esteem is what makes you look at that person who hurts you and says, 'NO! You WON'T do this to me ever again!'.

Your Self-Love is your light...this is the part of you that you turn to when you aren't feeling as strong as you normally do. Paired up with self-worth, it combats those around you who try to make you feel unworthy, helpless and scared. It reminds you of all the good you have inside of you that others can see, even when you may not.

These are very important elements of who you are that you can never allow others to take away from you. I have, and trust me when I say that it takes a very long time to build them back up and believe that you deserve them. Strengthen these things in you. The stronger they are, the more difficult they become to steal.

I know.

I've been there.

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