Monday, March 16, 2015

Music Mantra Monday: Celebrating 'Blackbird Flies'

Happy Monday to you ALL!! happy as you can be on a Monday.

Okay, so as I told you all, March is the celebratory month for my novella, 'Blackbird Flies' and we are going to be doing a focus on it all week, according to theme. ;) We'll have interviews with characters, quotes, etc. We are very excited about this because this is my first YA focused book and it was very well received.

Okay, so what I also want to do is give a FREE copy of it away to two lucky people.

It isn't an easy read, but an important one...geared to kids who think they may not be good enough but just need that one person who believes they are. Here's what YOU need to do to WIN:

Payton was raised by a bipolar, alcoholic mother. The one thing they could always relate through is a relationship to music. So, what I want you to do is pick your favorite song EVER! I mean dig deep...then share it here and tell me what the meaning behind it is.

The only thing we ask beyond that is to a) join the blog and b) follow Chynna on her author blog.

Just so you know? Partial proceeds for every book bought goes to the Zebra House...that helps children who have been abused in any way. The contest will end March 31st, 2014.

Thank you! And I hope you can join our celebration.

PS: REMEMBER: THIS  is the site you write your contribution to for consideration for the contest. <3

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