Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Talk About It Tuesday: Learning to Let Go...

Okay, let's be shoot-from-the-hip for a moment.

I am a Scottish/Irish, Taurean and a woman. Let's just say that I get set off very easily and it's hard to calm me down. lol

But I know these things about myself:

~ I know that I'm defensive.

~ I know that I am reactive.

~ I know I have a tendency to take things in a way that wasn't intended.

~ I'm always ready for a fight, even when it wasn't meant to be one.

I know.

And it isn't just because of my heritage, gender or astrological sign. I grew up in a place that wasn't always happy. Things happened. There was a lot of anger. Because of that, coupled with the other stuff in my background, I can also be anxious and obsessive. Obsessive in the sense to keep things the way I feel comfortable, and not accept too much change. And obsessive about my children.

But there comes a time where you have to learn to...let things go. It isn't healthy to hold on to the things that have hurt you in order to keep continuity in your 'now' life. It isn't right to make the people in your 'now' life endure the pain you have suffered in your past. And you have no right to make those in your 'now' life go through all of your other stuff.

I know.

I am in no way perfect, nor do I try to be. But I do know this much: Be what you can, to those who mean most to you, and life will be okay. It won't be perfect, because there is no such thing.

But it will be happiness. And that's what we all deserve, right?

I know.


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