Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Celebrating the Re-Release of "Blackbird Flies"

My brand new beautiful cover. 
In anticipation of the re-release of my first Young Adult novella, "Blackbird Flies", I thought we could dig deeper in our writing prompts today.

I wrote this novel in less than a week. I'd had an experience with a young person who'd been struggling, as I had when I was her age. I was fortunate enough to have been able to turn to positive people who saved me from a life of self-destruction.

I honestly wouldn't be here without them.

This is a story very close to my heart. I have added a few scenes to it to create a light romance between the characters to bring it some more warmth, among the main themes in the story. After all, life isn't all bad. We just need to turn to the positive things that give us hope, even when we are at our darkest moments.

We're human beings and not perfect, and no one should try to be. Trust me, that is one hard job. It's more difficult to try to be perfect that it is to just be who you are and make those mistakes. They happen to teach us, not to punish us.

We fight.

We blame.

We feel anger.

We take our stresses out on others.

But, in the end, having that one person who believes in you, who you are and what you're doing is what will bring you back.

That's the theme of this book. A guy who turned to music in his lowest moments. A girl who turned to other things when she has the talent. And the power to inspire one another.

Tomorrow is the release day for this new version and I hope it's theme will inspire your writing for today.

Happy writing!

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