Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Talk About It Tuesday: The Importance of Family


There are many different definitions of it these days that do not fit into that square box of 'two-point-five-kids-and-a-white-picket fence' scenario from long ago.

When I was growing up, my brother and I were with my grandparents, uncle and aunt a lot of the time. My Bonus Dad was amazing and I was blessed with bonus siblings too. What we often forget about is that there are many people in our lives that are like family, even though we may not be blood related.

These people could be close friends, those family we marry into, those we take in and help out or even take under our wings because they need that. These are all kinds of family and very important.

I recently realized how important all these kinds of family are. I am going through a lot of 'stuff'...personally, health-wise and in general. I had always been one of those people who'd push people away and deal with stuff on my own, even when a hand was given out. It wasn't stubbornness, but more the independence instilled in me.

I knew when to ask for help.

I knew it was there.

I just chose to do things on my own most of the time, and I have tried my best to instill the same virtue in my four kids. But there are times in life when you need that family support...closeness...connection. It may seem invasive at first, especially for fiercely independent people like me, but I think I am just starting to feel the importance.

Family, however you define it, isn't reaching out in sympathy, but support. They aren't 'feeling sorry for you', but more, wanting you to know they are there if you need them. They aren't trying to invade on your life or your way of doing things, but more trying to help in their way. They aren't trying to change how you live your life, but more trying to impact it in any way they are able to. And it isn't until you are going through really tough times that you appreciate that warmth and love around you.

Trust me, for a girl who felt alone most of her life, I know.

I know.

So today, celebrate your family...whoever/however they are, and embrace the love you receive from them. Because on those really tough days/times, it truly matters.


Happy Day!

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