Sunday, July 3, 2016

Chynna's Kids Speak Out!: A Review of The Littlest Inventor

Usually, on Sundays we get the kids to blog about their thoughts. But today, I am reviewing a wonderful new sensory kids' book called, "The Littlest Inventor".

I loved this book. When I first wrote, "I'm Not Weird, I Have SPD", I was trying to give my Jaimie a tool to communicate with others of what she was going through on a daily basis. She didn't have the words because she couldn't speak, so I gave them to her. This book does the same thing.

I would gear this to younger readers, as it is rhyming and very understandable to younger readers. I loved it.

The illustrations do not take away from what the message is. The focus is on the child, which is so important. I can remember so many days when my Jaimie focused on what she couldn't do, rather than focus on what I was trying to teach her what she could.. That is a very important thing for SPD/Autistic children because what they learn to do as they develop, will help them grow into what they know they can do as adults.

We need to teach them these skills.

This is an amazing book that should be in libraries everywhere. It is an amazing teaching tool, even for those kids who don't have sensory issues. It gives the message that the power to be who we are is in our hands, and with the right tools, patience and energy, it can happen.

My Jaimie is a model for that.

Check it out. <3

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