Monday, October 3, 2016

Music Mantra Monday - A Little Help From Friends

For today's post, we are dedicating it to my new young friend, Brooklyn, and her family.

Hearing the word 'cancer' is a terrifying thing, especially when you are a kid. Many of you know that I have gone through it a couple of times and it doesn't matter how many times it comes back, the news is still difficult to absorb.

Today, my new friend, Brooklyn, is going through surgery on her leg to help rectify her cancer that, thankfully, hasn't spread anywhere else. It doesn't make what she has to go through today any easier, but at least this tough girl has a huge chance for recovery and, hopefully, that it will not have the chance to come back.

When you go through something like this...and other life need friends and family around to cushion the blow. I was always someone who pushed people away during times like this, however, I am learning as I have gotten older, the best way to get through times like this is to reach out.

And not be afraid to.

There is no shame in admitting you need help and/or support. There is no shame in reaching out to those closest to you for a hug, comfort or just to vent. There is no shame in asking for a break from the tremendous stress such life events may cause.

You all know what a huge Ringo fan I am. I'm not sure that Brooklyn is a fan of the Beatles, but I dedicate this song to her and her family as it says so much: We get by with a little help from our friends.

Be strong, be brave and there are many hugs, good healthy vibes and love surrounding you, Brooklyn.

Happy Monday.

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