Thursday, March 23, 2017

Awesome People Doing Awesome Things: Help For Working Moms

While going through some of my Bookmarked links a couple of weeks ago to get rid of old connections, or ones that don't even exist anymore, I came across a wonderful site called, "Work Your Way".

The focus of this website is to motivate and encourage freelance writers to continue on their path to success. Freelancing can often be a frustrating and bumpy road in the beginning, especially for those who are new to the writing arena. And Mary 'gets' this.

She began her journey helping freelancers, particularly work-at-home moms, get connected to the resources they needed to get their work out there. Mary now focuses more on giving suggestions and insight on the business side of freelancing, as well as giving wonderful advice on how to stay inspired by sticking with what keeps us excited about what we do.

Trust me, as Mary knows far too well also, getting your work out there, seen and published can be rather difficult at first especially when you have no experience. The writing arena is extremely competitive and it truly helps to have the right tools, resources and connections to make your specific work stand out above the others in the editor's pile. It can be a lot of work at first but with confidence, perseverance and the right motivation from the right people, anything is possible.

Mary, in my opinion, has been that 'right person' for many people, including myself, and I so admire what she continues to do. I am so happy that she will be joining us for an upcoming "Awesome People Doing Awesome Things". For today, I just wanted to introduce her to you all and invite you to visit her page to get an idea of who she is and the amazing things she's doing.

Tune back for our interview.

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