Monday, March 27, 2017

Music Mantra Monday: Rascal Flatts "Why" - Suicide Prevention, Awareness, and Hope

Recently I was approached by an online psychology magazine and resource website to write an article about raising awareness for, and giving suggestions on how to help prevent, youth/teen suicide. It was one of the toughest assignments I've been given.

The subject matter is one that is very close to my heart, for many personal reasons. I have done many talks, written many articles on the subject and have personally reached out to a few young people who just needed someone to listen and try to understand.

Kids do not talk about death, hint about wanting to die or discuss how the world would be better off without them in it simply because they are trying to get attention.  Trust me when I say that kids in this mindset have no desire for attention. What they are seeking is relief from the pain they feel that, in their minds, no one understands (or tries to).

I chose to focus on psychology, majoring on children and families living with mental/emotional struggles and other special needs, because of the experiences I had growing up. I hungered to understand how people slipped into this dark place, and worked hard to figure out how could help.

It's one thing to hear about a random someone the world has lost. It is quite another to either witness a stranger, or even more painful, a friend, relative or your child touch on these struggles. A lot of times, these thoughts stem from a state of depression, which is treatable.

We all experience sadness and question our self-worth from time-to-time. But most of us are able to face the hurdles and down times we come to and move on. Some of us aren't strong enough on our own to get over such times and need a set of comforting hands on our shoulders to make it.

Please join me in raising awareness for our youth/teens so we'll never again have to ask, 'Why?'. After all, once we are aware of these issues, we learn to understand them.

And that is a powerful thing.

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