Monday, March 6, 2017

Music Mantra Monday: Phil Collins ~ "In The Air Tonight"

I have always been a huge Phil Collins fan. Aside the fact that he's an awesome drummer and singer, he is just an all around nice person. The messages in his songs are subtle, but hit you deep.

Originally, this song stemmed from the story of one person drowning, while another saw it happening but didn't save the other person. As with all songs, it can be interpreted from many different angles.

For me, I first heard this song when I was going through a very rough time when I was a teen (oh GEEZ! I just aged myself. HAHAHA!). I took the drowning reference as a person who is overwhelmed with what was going on around him/her and unsure of where to turn or who they can talk to or trust. 'Hold On'...someone is there and you've been waiting all your life for that moment when you can feel free again.

That's just my interpretation. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for joining us for Music Mantra Monday!

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