Saturday, March 18, 2017

Writing Sample Saturday - Upcoming YA Action/Fantasy Series

As you all know, I work simultaneously on several projects at once. Not always the wisest thing to do, but this way if I get stuck on one book, I have another I can turn to in order to relieve that lovely writer's block on the other book.

For today's snippet, I thought I'd share the next few paragraphs from the WIP I shared a few weeks ago. You can get a bit of background and details of the project HERE

I am going waaaaaay out of my comfort zone with this one. Trust me when I say, this is nothing like anything I've written so far. But that's what authors and writers are supposed to do, and what helps to keep us motivated. Or, at least, it helps me to stay fresh.

Okay, so if you read the last excerpt, this section will make more sense. The first chapter basically gives background into who my main character is, as well as how she came to be where she is.

I hope you enjoy it.

Malvina clasped her hands over her mouth, praying to God that Duncan got inside safe and had followed her instructions. She held her breath as soldiers walked by her. Not one thought to look where she was. As their footsteps got further away, she looked back out at her father.
The two men had started fighting, the clanging of metal echoing around them. Malvina didn’t know much about swords yet, but they had to have been extremely heavy as even with arms as strong as each man had, it seemed to take tremendous effort to lift and swing the weapons about. Suddenly a high-pitched scream from behind her made Malvina jump. Her father must have heard it too because he briefly turned his head in response, and that was a fatal error.
The dark man took full advantage of her father’s unintentional opening and punched him full force in the chest, knocking him to his knees. Malvina squeezed her eyes shut, biting her lower lip so hard the metallic taste of blood filled her mouth. She was torn between crawling out to check on her brothers and mother, or distract the dark man so her father could regain his advantage. Before she had a chance to make a decision, it was made for her.
“Well, well, well,” a voice came from behind her. “What do we have here?”
The cover to the wood pile was yanked back and a pale, scrawny man pulled Malvina out by a fistful of her hair. “I found another one!” he shouted to the three other men emerging from around the side of her house. All four of them were covered in blood. She swallowed past the lump growing in her throat.
Oh…no…not my brothers…Ma…
The top of their house burst into flames. Rage boiled in her gut. Holding one hand over the scrawny man’s fist in her hair so the pain was reduced, she formed a fist with the other and punched him in the groin with every ounce of strength she could muster. He crumpled to the ground, then she ran over to her father.
The dark man held the point of his sword to William’s throat while leering at Malvina. “Well, who is this vision? Please tell me she’s one of yours, William of Campbell. It would bring me even greater pleasure having her, then squeezing the life out of her.”
William looked at Malvina, his face expressionless. “I have never seen her before this day.”
She was confused, but played along. She’d heard many conversations between her parents when they thought she’d fallen asleep. Conversations about what he really did…what he really was. She still wasn’t sure, but felt he must be trying to spare her life.
“I…I am newer to this land. My family came from the city of Edinburgh. My mother told me to come help Mrs. Campbell with house care, being that she is with child. I grew scared and hid in the wood pile.”
The dark man didn’t seem convinced. “To which family do you belong?”
“What does that matter?” William interrupted. “She is an innocent from the city Edinburgh. Spare her.”
“You seem to care an awful lot about a young girl you barely know. I’m tired of this. Take her to the house and kill her like the rest.”
            Before the men had the chance to grab her, she dove for her father’s sword and hoisted it up over her head. She swung it around her head, slicing the dark man’s face from his ear to the corner of his mouth. He screamed. She tried lifting the sword up again over her head, but the weight of it pulled her backwards. Suddenly a searing pain exploded in her chest.
She looked down to see the point of a sword poking out from the middle of her chest, blood seeping through and pooling down the front of her dress. “Consider us even, miss,” a voice hissed in her ear from behind. She felt the sword being withdrawn from her body. Her grip on her father’s sword loosened and she heard it hit the ground behind her.
Blood rose in her throat, choking her. She fell to her knees, then flopped onto her stomach, her head turned to her father.
“You cruel, evil man,” her father sobbed. “She was but a child. You cannot go around killing the innocents or Watchers. It will come back to you. One day, this shall be your downfall.”
A deep laugh rumbled in the dark man’s chest. “I don’t think so. One day I will be the only one. And no one will stand in my way.”
With that said, the dark man pulled his sword up over his head, bringing it down on her father’s neck, decapitating him, with a mighty growl. Too weak to scream, Malvina used the last of her strength to roll onto her back. Sparks and ghosty whips flowed from her father’s body rising high above the dark man, then plunged into his body with such force, Malvina was sure he’d be torn apart. For several minutes the dark man seemed to be filled with the light until her father’s body was still.
Tears pooled in her lower lids as her breath came in short gasps.
What just happened? Who are these people?
“Dig a hole, six feet at least, then bury his body in it. Throw her in too. Did you find any others?”
“Yes,” the man she’d punched responded. “Three boys and a woman with child. All dead and burned.”
“Excellent. Toss all the bodies in together then make sure the same was done to the other houses. He is the only one around here, but there’s no sense in leaving the possibility of others to awaken.”
Malvina’s eyes grew heavier, the voices around her fading, until she could no longer stay awake.
Others? Awaken?

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