Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Talk About It Tuesday ~ Dealing With Depression

As some of you know, I used to run a blog called, 'White Elephants' to support children and adults dealing with depression, bipolar and other mental struggles. We try to have segments on our new blog, that combines 'White Elephants', 'The Gift' and my author blog.

I recently went through a very upsetting time with a sweet man that my husband worked with. I recognized his struggles, and tried to help how I could stemming from what I've been surrounded with my entire life, including with my own children, so I wanted to dedicate my Talk About It today on this subject.

Depression is a subject very close to my heart for many reasons. I come from a strong history dealing with such issues and, admittedly, I didn't always deal with them in the healthy way you're supposed to.

But...I learned.

I don't always accept help if I don't ask for it, but I do know when I need to.

All of us gets down and out from time-to-time. Depression is different. When you get down and out, you stay there unless you reach out. It effects not only your mental state, but your physical state as well. I don't think it hit me harder than when my girl suffered from it.

She is a beautiful, intelligent, warm-hearted girl but people tend to take advantage of people with her beauty. She is the first one to reach out to others. She is the first to comfort her siblings when they are in pain (she beats me to it sometimes). She doesn't care about the fashionista phase most kids her age goes through. She fights for what's right, what's fair and what others deserve. She is my rock. But being the rock can be burdensome, especially when you constantly think of others when you need some comfort too.

Trust me, I know.

I won't go into detail here out of respect for her and all she's gone through, but she had a really hard time. For a girl that was there for others, they often turned against her. For a girl that wore a smile and cheered others up when they needed it, she spent many nights crying with me. For a girl that was so friendly, out-going and loving, she was often taken advantage of and bullied. These things can be hard for anyone.

Trust me, I know.

She got the help she needed and has persevered. Her dad and I made sure because there was no way I was going to lose my beautiful treasure because others didn't love and appreciate her the way we do.

Now she's in an Accelerated Program in school and scoring straight A's. She surrounds herself with people who have the same goals and life-path she does. She focuses on the positive in life, the things she enjoys doing and knows when to ask for a loving hand. And I am so proud of her.

Don't feel sorry for people living with depression and these other struggles. That's not what they want. They want to be accepted for who they are and what they CAN do. Yes, they go through downer times than most of the rest of us but they can pull through with the right support.

Be there.
Pull them up with their personal positives, rather than cutting them down for a struggling negative.
Never 'feel sorry', but empathize and help how you can.
And never, EVER judge because they'd never do that to you.

I have been very fortunate to have people help me through extremely tough times that brought me lower than I thought I could go. I try to give that gift to others.

They aspire to be something more, so offer that to them.

Happy Tuesday

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