Monday, February 12, 2018

Music Mantra Monday: Best Love Songs For Valentine's Day Celebrations

Well, Valentine's Day is coming up this Wednesday so we thought we'd get down with our mushy selves and put together a list of songs we feel are the best for romancing up your Valentine's Day.

This list is in no particular order, except the one we put at #1. And those who know Chynna the best will say, "Well, DUH!!!"

These are just the first ones that popped into our heads, and some of them will date us for sure, but who cares? A good love song stays with you long after you hear it and touches a part of you that isn't visited very often.

Music is a very powerful thing that brings out the deepest of emotions in us. Maybe that's why, next to writing, music has always been my 'go to' when times are the toughest.

Okay, here go. Feel free to add to the list or comment on ours.

Happy Valentine's Day!

10) Arms of the Angel - Sarah Maclachlin:   Sarah has the most amazing gift of pulling the listener into the song with her and tugging heart strings you either didn't know were there before or haven't been touched in awhile. This particular song in one of my favorites from her and it is so beautiful live.

9) Stairway to Heaven - Pink Floyd: I mean, seriously. How many of you girls out there who went to Jr. High when I did didn't pray for that one dude you crushed on big time to dance to this song, or pray that the icky one you always got stuck with didn't. This is one long song and if you were lucky enough to get Mr. Crush to dance with, you most likely understand its meaning.

8) Enya - pretty much anything: This woman can have you burst into tears with anything she's singing about. I remember we used to play a mixed CD when I worked in retail (a veeeeeeery long time ago) and her songs were mixed in throughout it. If I was forced to pick one of my favorite Enya songs, it would most likely be 'Only Time', which means more to me than ever right now.

7) Nothing Else Matters - Metallica: Ya, I know. The band doesn't exactly fit in with my regular choices. But with my second oldest and husband both very much into them, I've gotten to know their music quite well. I mean, no band lasts as long as they have if they totally suck, right? The lyrics to this song are actually quite beautiful. Normally, these guys inspire fans to toss someone up in the air and body-surf them across the mosh pit. But under all of that hair, normally screaming vocals and HUGE guitars lay the hearts of dudes that obviously have kids and/or adore someone. And this song proves that even bad boys have hearts.

6) Beth - KISS: Ya, I know. Some of you out there are probably thinking, "Chynna the Metal/Hard Rock girl?" Um, no. I just know good songs when I hear them. This is all about a guy really wanting to get home to his girl but he's out with the band. Hits a bit close to home for them, I think. But the melody is beautiful, the lyrics are surprisingly touching and heartfelt and I love it.

5) Dream Weaver - Gary Wright: Yes, the song does remind me of my roller skating days. And? Seriously, I know this may seem an unusual choice for some, but I actually had the pleasure of talking to Gary Wright a few years ago and he shared the meaning of this song with me (he was very close to George Harrison). The lyrics are beautiful, the song itself mystifies you with it's magical melody and, well, Gary just sings it very well.

6) Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton: What more can be said about this tear-jerker song? I mean, you feel it to the bottom of your soul. This is a man who was very deeply in love and had no shame, no matter what the circumstances were at the time, to express that love.

5) Hard Habit to Break - Chicago: Personally, I have a strong connection to this song and no, I won't tell you why. If you read the lyrics, though, you'd understand that many a heart most likely got broken or A LOT of first kisses and stuff happened to this song back then. :)

4) Here I Am - Air Supply: What love song list would be complete without at least one Air Supply song? Admittedly I had an entire album that had us all in a mess by the end of it. This was one of my personal favorites.

3) Wild Horses - Rolling Stones: Yes, another band one wouldn't expect such ballads from, especially in the highlight of their 'hard rock 'n' roll' days. This song makes me think of a good friend of mine and his girlfriend in high school. It was kinda like their theme song.

2) Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers: C'mon! If you can't listen to this song without tearing up just a little, you have no heart. Plus, pair it with being the theme song from 'Ghost' and Kleenex must be close. Absolutely beautiful song that will go on until the end of time...for so many reasons.

1) Maybe I'm Amazed - Paul McCartney: This is my absolutely FAVORITE love song. I have heard it so many times and have never been able to make it to the end without tears in my eyes. And I will hold it even closer to my heart after seeing the affect it had on my two girls when they got to see the man sing it live. A song he wrote for his precious Linda, the true love of his life, will forever be in with us. It is a very rare thing to have someone love another THIS much. So, if/when you find it, never let it go.

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