Saturday, February 24, 2018

Writing Prompt Saturday: A Walk in the Forest

I have a connection with the water and the animals who live beneath the waves. As a child, I remember swimming out a fair distance away from our dock, then laying on my back floating on the surface.

What an amazing sensation to have every part of my body surrounded by water, including my ears and tuning out the world around me...even if just for a little while. Then I would flip over and completely submerge myself under the water, fluttering as deep as I could until my lungs reminded me of the importance of oxygen.

Next to those moments, I think the moments I'd go for walks on the trails in the forest surrounding our lake were just as special. I'd try to take a different route each time, absorbing myself in the beauty of nature - the sounds, the beautiful vegetation, the freshness of clean air.

I found this picture that reminded me a lot of those moments and it actually triggered a short story from me.

So I thought, perhaps, it would also make a wonderful prompt for all of you today. As a lot of you know, the Watcher Series I am working on focuses on the lake I grew up around, and the beautiful forest surrounding it.

Let's delve into nature today. Gaze this picture envision yourself right there, and use it to get those writing juices simmering. Feel free to share what you create.

Happy Writing!!


  1. Hi! I'm going to try this...but I'll do it on my own blog and link here...thanks for the challenge!

    1. Hi Glenda! Absolutely! I can't wait to read it. :)

      Good Luck~


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