Saturday, February 17, 2018

Writing Prompt Saturday: What's Your Biggest Fear?

A dark alley.

Shadows in the night that are invisible during the day.

The unknown.

Being alone.

Enclosed spaces.

Snakes, spiders or other creepy crawlies.



Every person has one: a fear. We as writers tend to face a lot of those fears in our articles, stories or books. It doesn't make the fear go away, however, it does help put someone else in the position to face it for us, then give them a way to deal with it (not that we follow's fun to watch a character go through that for us).

I have a few: Being watched, elevators, heights, 'new', centipedes, things popping out of nowhere, driving...losing a loved one.

What is your biggest fear? How do you deal with it? What triggered it in the first place?

Write it down and share with us.

Have a great Saturday!

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