Saturday, February 3, 2018

Writing Prompts Saturday - Writing Through Pain

It's been awhile since we've posted a writing prompt. I thought today was the best day to start again.

We've all gone through tough times in our life. For some of us, it's just a matter of being knocked off the path we thought was working only to discover changes need to be made in order to get back to that path. For others, it can be those little stressors we allow to build up causing us to explode. For others still, it can actually be more serious.

There are some of us who have lost a job and wonder how to get through until tomorrow or who are mourning the loss of someone close or finding out that an illness is raging the body. These are only a few experiences but it can seem almost impossible to  deal with or see past the darkness.

Life is not easy and, sometimes, it's much more difficult for some of us to cope than others. Many people turn to the wrong ways to deal with their hurt, anger, pain and feelings, which, in the end, either adds to the emptiness or ends it in a way that does not help anyone.

I am not saying that how I've dealt with pain and loss - and I've had a lot of it in my lifetime - has been the best or smartest ways. But I've learned that having some sort of positive to turn to, whether it be music, art, reading, writing, or some other form of creative expression, helps to promote healing by giving a person the platform to express feelings appropriately and privately.

This is your writing prompt today. Allow yourself to feel and heal. Let this be the year you start a journal or just simply write a letter to yourself. You can even write a letter to whomever the feelings stem from. You don't need to ever send it. Just get it out and go on.

We were all brought into the world for a reason no matter for how long or from who or how others feel about it.

We are here to stay. We just need to learn to make a new path.

Happy writing.

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