Monday, August 13, 2018

Music Mantra Monday ~ The Comfort of Music

I've written before about the importance of music. We all have our personal tastes and favorites but anyway you let it in, it is soothing, comforting and a way to let go of things bringing you down.

Next to reading and my writing, music has always been a tool I use to help me release anxiety and worry. Reading and writing are ways to take yourself to a place different from what surrounds you. Reading takes you to a different world while writing is a way to create that world. Music, however, can do the same thing but it can also bring back memories and give you strength when you feel you don't have any left.

Playing an instrument of some kind is even more beautiful. Not only are you creating music for others to enjoy, you are also connecting and expressing a part of yourself others may not usually get to see.

I created this post day in celebration of music. It's one of the few things that have been around since the beginning of time in celebration, in sorrow and just for enjoyment. It is even used in therapy to help calm, bring back and deal with emotions as well as memories. We don't just share videos here on the blog that we use to express how we feel and what's going on around us lately. Our hope is to have others use music as a more productive way to bring more positivity into their lives and in the world.

So, go put on your favorite CD, whether it's classical, rock, metal, rap or something in between and join us again for the comfort we all find in music.

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