Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Power of Youth ~ Organizing With Humor

Well, this is the second week in a row where I have no kids to post so, again, I'll take over.

They've been enjoying their summer going camping, road trips with their friends, having tons of sleepovers and other fun stuff. That's what kids are supposed to do on their break. They are creating memories.

That being said, they seem to need a little push in remembering that when they're home, it's always nice to have them help around the house. You know, at least doing their part. After all, I'm not running a hotel here where people can come and go as they please while I'm not only trying to keep up with day-to-day upkeep of the house, but (shockingly) work, make sure bills are paid and there are meals on the table (which I prep for, cook and clean up afterwards). As hard as it is to believe, things don't just magically get done around here.

I've discovered that picking at, continual reminders to help out, lecturing and threatening the removal of fun stuff falls on deaf ears most of the time, as anyone out there raising tweens and teenagers can relate to. So, I've tried to do all of the above by using a sense of humor mixed in. Some times it works, some times it doesn't. The only saving grace I have is that one day they'll be having to clean up after themselves when they move out, and, perhaps, even clean up after me as I'll eventually get to a place in life where I'll need the help more. But I'm not holding my breath on either of those things.

The other day, I wrote a post on my personal Facebook page tackling the on-going issue of organization, mainly shoes. I mean, there are six of us in this house so shoes literally pile up everywhere! Instead of freaking out, I wrote the following 'management letter', which I do from time to time.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Dear fruit of my loins (and a resident who is not):

There seems to be a great organizational concern regarding shoes that must be addressed immediately.
When one has to maneuver through an army-styled obstacle course of footwear, ranging from flipflops to work boots, just to get to the basement stairs or out one of the doors, it has become an overwhelming issue that requires action.
In an initial attempt, summer shoes were put in a bin and stored in the hall closet and poor shoes that are no longer useful or fit anyone were tossed. A wonderful invention called 'a shoe rack' (ironically found under piles of shoes) was placed at the entrance of the back and front doors to ease organization as well as easy access to said footwear.
Unfortunately, there seems to be negligence toward the shoe racks as shoes are still being observed beside, in front of and even kicked down the hallway from the racks. Even after presenting a visual demonstration of how they work to ease discomfort of such a huge change, shoes are still left out. If this continues, one shoe will be expertly hidden somewhere in the house for you to locate which, from our experience, will be awhile since finding missing objects also seems to be a struggle.
Please make every effort to welcome this wonderful tool into our home otherwise drastic measures of creating a foot attire bon fire in the backyard and having people walk outside in their socks will have to be taken.
Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.
The Foreman of the House (MOM)

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