Monday, September 24, 2018

Music Mantra Monday ~ The Inspiration of Folk Music

It's funny of what memories pop into your head when certain songs come on the radio, or are part of a soundtrack from a movie.

I grew up in the 1970's (::cough:: dating myself ::cough::). During that decade, people were coming off of a more psychedelic, drug-infested time where they were free to do, and be, whatever they wanted. Yes, they it was also a time of huge social movements and focus on peace. But in the 1970's, I remember the music becoming more focused on these issues in a quieter way. Here and there, we got tiny glimmers of songs that focused not just on where the 1960's left off with trying voice out to make a difference, but also on things that were really important that are often taken for granted (eg: a sense of family, love for children, taking care of our whole health, etc.),  with gentler tones and beautifully meaningful lyrics.

I guess you could call this 'folk music'. In the era of rock and roll bands still trying to hold their own in the music world, and disco (which I still don't understand), some musicians just wanted to add their softer plea for the same things - peace, love, change and unity. The definition of folk music is, "Music that originates in traditional popular culture or that is written in such a style. Folk music is typically of unknown authorship and is transmitted orally from generation to generation." And I have to say, this is a pretty suiting meaning.

My Bonus Dad was very much into this genre of music. He'd pull out his acoustic guitar and sing to us and, for some reason, I found I 'heard' the songs and their meaning on a much deeper level. Sure, I've gone through phases where I've turned to other styles and genres of music but, in the end, I always came back to this style. There's just something calming about it that makes you think a little a little more...reach out a little more...inspire a little more.

This particular song makes me think of my Bonus Dad and all he tried to do for me and my brothers and sister. No, he wasn't perfect and neither were any of the rest of us. But in bringing these songs into our house, he helped us think, to care, to reach out and, maybe, to help each of us look at the world and the people in it through a different perspective.

So that's our music mantra for today. What songs lifted you up? Or guided you in a way you didn't expect? Or inspired you to stay on the path you chose regardless of what else was trying to lure you off it?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Monday!

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