Saturday, September 1, 2018

Writing Prompt Saturday ~ What's Holding You Back?

I recently had a request to write an article about how to release what's holding us back from being all we want to be. I thought this was a great writing prompt for this week.

Each of us, no matter how old or how young we are, has something that holds us back from being who we're meant to be and/or where are meant to be.

It could be a fear of success, not wanting to hurt anyone else, having priorities in the wrong order, negative self-talk or experiences from the past that pop up just when you're about to take that leap of faith to move forward.

Don't allow it happen. Don't listen so those voices telling you, "I can't". Take other people's opinions with a grain of salt, but be true to yourself. Don't allow bad experiences you've made it through to influence you not to keep going. Don't let mistakes you make or rejections of your efforts prevent you from trying again.

Even the greatest of writers, artists, authors, actors and those every day Joe's just doing their best have had the same fears.

Let it go. Release what's holding you back. If we all caved to that ball and chain, the world would miss out on something potentially helpful, life-changing, meaningful and memorable.

There's your prompt for this week. Let your ideas flow, and share your thoughts and ideas.

Happy Writing

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