Friday, November 23, 2018

Foodie Fridays ~ Eating Healthy With A StarFrit Spiral Slicer

Okay, kitchen gadget time!

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching one of my favorite cooking shows, The Urban Vegetarian, on Gusto. I love the recipes she comes up with because they are healthy, hardy and they offer options for those who don't eat meat and still want to get extra healthiness in there, as well as for those who don't eat meat and who want to make sure to get enough of the essential vitamins and protein in their diet.

In that episode, she planned a pasta dish except that she wasn't using pasta. She was using veggies in spirally shapes, like spaghetti. I was totally intrigued because I make a lot of pasta, rice and potato dishes around here so an alternative was exciting.

She pulled out this little contraption, calling it a 'veggie spiraler'. I always thought these things were hand jobbies, like graters, so I never gave them a second thought. I figured it would be way too much work. When I saw this gadget, I wanted one.

She used different varieties of mini squashes and zucchinis and made them look like pasta! You squish the veg into the circle pointy part in the picture above, turn the handle then the zucchini spirals come out of the other end. And there are different sizes of blades so you can try different thicknesses.

My youngest and I had so much fun with this little tool and ended up with quite a pile of veggie spaghetti. Boiling them is an option but they don't come out el dente the way pasta does. So we crisped them up a bit in a pan, then treated them like our normal pasta dishes. You could also use these for stir fries, hashbrowns, salads or just to be all fancy and poshy with your veggie sides.

I got mine at WalMart and it wasn't very expensive at all. They offer fancier ones, of course, but this little guy did the job very nicely. Trust me when I say that if my crew gives a thumbs up on a veggie dish, that is a huge thing, and I won't have to toss the little gadget.

I've only used it with soft-skinned vegetables so far, but I'm sure you could use them with firmer fruits too. I plan to get creative with it.

Yes, I am a self-admitting food geek and I don't care. My tummy thanks me every time I find these little treasures to make meal time more fun.

Feel free to share your own recipe ideas or ways you've used the spiraler. Christmas is coming very soon, after all.

(Thank you to my urban vegetarian for introducing me to this!)

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