Monday, November 12, 2018

Music Mantra Monday - When Things Are A Little Too Much

As I was browsing music that shows the mood around here this morning, I came across this video. And now I have a focus for today's post.

I love songs that inspire, tug at the heart, make me think of something in a different way or bring back memories (even if the song is attached to a memory I usually avoid allowing to come to the surface). These kinds of songs are very important and are often overlooked amid the louder, harsher more attention-seeking musical choices. It doesn't mean that these other songs can't touch the soul in the same way or don't have an equally important message to share. It just means that these beautiful, simple 'in the shadow' songs don't try as hard to be out in the spotlight. They are simply there when we need them.

Yeah, I know I'm talking about them as if they are real life beings. To me, they are in a sense. Take today's song choice for example. There is just a guitar, a piano and Shawn Mendes' soft voice guiding us to notice that person in our lives who constantly does so much for others to the point of being overwhelmed, then not always choosing the right way to cope with it all (at least that's what I derived from it). But when times are a little too much, 'things will be okay', and there is no shame in feeling tired, vulnerable and fed up. Taking time to re-group, to simply say, 'No, not today. I really need me right now', and to do what's best to bring us back down is a sign of strength, not weakness.

I really needed to hear this song today, and I really needed to hear these words from someone. That's why I talk about music and songs as if they are real beings. Because, however you interpret the music and/or lyrics, songs give us a way to talk to others. It makes some words easier to hear this way. Trust me when I tell you that I have many examples that prove this point.

And these beautiful, soft, gentle pieces are where I always turn to for that sort of comfort.

Find your musical comfort today. 🎵🎶

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