Thursday, November 22, 2018

Writing Sample Day ~ Talking To My Younger Self

Oh boy, have we gotten behind in our posts this week. We've had appointments galore, the a couple of days where my second oldest and I were literally falling asleep from all the craziness around us.

And it isn't even Christmas yet! (I don't even want to think about that yet...)

I was asked to write a piece very different from what I'm usually asked to contribute to. I had to write a brief note to my younger self, saying, "If I could tell you anything...".

This was a challenge for a couple of reasons but mainly because I seriously doubt that my younger self would have listened. Not because she didn't want or need to hear the older me, but more because she really didn't trust anyone back then. It took a really special person who made me feel I could trust them enough to get close. But...if another person had pearls of wisdom I could relate to or connect with that wasn't lecturous (I don't know if that's a word, but it's my word) or preachy, I'd take it in.

 So here is my little note to my younger self, raw and unedited. Tell me what you think.

(And this is a hint for our prompt for this Saturday so be ready!)

If I could tell you anything, it would be to just be you.
            Be prepared to live in an often fast-paced, judgmental, unforgiving world by keeping your sights straight ahead. Everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as it isn’t harmful or disrespectful to others.
Be strong enough to lead your own life, learning from all of the experiences you’ve had and all the influences you’ve had around you. Even the bad ones have something you can learn from.
            Be brave enough to face any challenge or hurdle with everything you have inside of you, because there is always something on the other side of that mountain that you can chalk up to your advantage.
            Be confident enough to move forward, even when others try to stand in the way of the goal you can see.
            Be open enough to listen to other people’s ideas that you can absorb what you can, then leave the rest.
            Be ready to fight for what you believe in and are most passionate about, even when others don’t agree.
            Be kind to other people, no matter their background or history, as it truly does come back in spades. What goes around, comes around.
            Be…you. Because, in the end, without you, the mark you were born to make in the world will be missing.

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