Monday, December 10, 2018

Music Mantra Monday - Here,Today

I have shared this particular song on the blog so many times, I feel I should get paid for it. But, of course, I'd never ask nor would I accept anything for sharing it.

Christmas is a wondrous and magical time of year, but it can also be an excruciating time to get through especially when loss is play.

I know. I have lost almost all of the very precious few individuals in my life whose love I trusted and who made me feel safe in sharing mine. We try our best not to connect that experience of loss with a day that is normally supposed to be so happy, but it is difficult isn't it?

Aside from writing, which can be therapeutic on its own, I've always turned to music. those arrangements of notes, sounds and tunes, I can throw my grief out for a bit and allow the beautiful feeling of music to be there instead...even if it's just for the few weeks of the Holidays.

It eases the pings of missing someone. It elicits memories so that someone can still be brought back for a snippet if time. It fills the void of that someone whose assigned spot at the supper table is empty. It fills your heart with something other than anger, resentment, loneliness, blame or whatever negative emotions is usually there trying to take over.

This particular song, in my opinion, exemplifies everything I've been saying. It celebrates the love, and loss, of someone who meant the world, and it keeps that person the present...even if they physically can't be.

Embrace these moments and hold them close as tightly and as often as you need to.

What songs have touched you in this way? What memories do they hold for you? How can you use that to guide you through the Holidays?

Be strong, my friends.

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