Saturday, December 1, 2018

Writing Prompt Saturday ~ First Writing Day of Christmas

Before I begin our series of posts relating to the Holidays, I wanted to put out there that it makes me very sad to see how commercial Christmas has become. Not many people talk about the true meaning behind the decorations, the food, or the insane amount of money spent on gifts. There is a spirit there, and it doesn't have to be religion-based, I believe people should be guided by above all of those other things.

I've always been the type of person who has never needed 'things' to be happy. Things get broken, lost or can be taken back so I've never really asked for anything I can't get myself. And it really irks me when others spend money on 'things' at their own expense. I mean, if you can't even afford to take care of your own needs, why are you buying expensive gifts for others? To me, that sort of defeats the true purpose of giving. You give what you can because you can, not so that you can say you did. A person will embrace a gift that is given wholeheartedly and possesses a special meaning a lot more than one that simply added to a seller's commission earnings.

So, what we're going to do on the blog is have a little tribute each day to remind us of what's truly important to us. We'll still follow our regular segments, but they'll be geared to what truly makes a happy and wonderful Holiday season.

Why don't you take that as your cue for today's prompt? Write about a special moment in a past Christmas that had nothing to do with what you had wrapped up under the tree. What did you take away from this experience? How did it make you see the true spirit of the season?

I can't wait to read your ideas.

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