Sunday, January 6, 2019

In The Spirit ~ An Important Message For Fathers/Dads

After a rather emotional experience over the weekend, I was inspired to write a special note today that I dedicate to fathers/dads out there. This comes from the perspective of a daughter and a mom.

Although fathers/dads can be two in one, which is a beautiful thing, the true meaning of each is very different, at least from a child's view. Let me explain.

Any man who is physically able to can be a father. All that has to happen is his sperm has to unite with an egg at the right moment. In this sense, a father is someone who helps to create life but may not be physically there to care for that life. In all fairness, there are many different reasons why a father isn't able to go beyond the creation part, some of which are no fault of his own. The base of the point here is that being a father doesn't necessarily mean 'being there', even if he's physically present in some way.

A dad, on the other hand, takes on the commitment of caring for that life on every level. The life he has committed to may not even be one he helped to create, but he's there. He's supportive, teaches, comforts, nurtures, protects, teaches and in every way ensures that the life becomes all its meant to be. He's there to celebrate the ups and offers a healing hand when there are downs. He offers a guiding light when the life veers off the 'right' path. And even though he makes mistakes of his own, he shows how to learn from them. He leads by example.

Sadly, for whatever reason, not every child has the chance to experience both at the same time or, in some cases, either. But when the creator of a life (father) partners with the commitment of caring for it (dad), it is an amazing thing. A true inspiring base for a child to grow from and an incredible gift for a father/dad to experience.

Today I would like to acknowledge these wonderful men and thank them for taking on this lifelong and challenging commitment. The efforts you are investing in your child today will be seen in how they go out into the world tomorrow.

And even though they may not always take time to say so, know that they do appreciate all you have done for them. The proof is in how they see the world and who they aspire to be.

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