Monday, January 14, 2019

Music Mantra Monday ~ A Mother's Eternal Love

(WARNING: Kleenex may be required for this post.)

Today's mantra carries with it a very personal and important message to parents out there, especially moms.

Raising children is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. There is such joy welcoming a living, breathing miracle into our lives that is an extension of ourselves. As joyful as the new life is, suddenly we're hit with the huge responsibility of having a little being whose needs come before any of our own (with the exception of our health) and the realization that every decision we make from that point on will impact the child in some way. Coming to that realization can be extremely overwhelming, but a realization that we learn to accept. And it's why we are hurt on such a deep level when our child is in crisis.

The crisis itself could be something very minor that can be overcome easily, or it can be so difficult that it becomes all-consuming and tremendously difficult to deal with. Where it stems from doesn't matter. When our child goes through a tough time, whether they make a bad choice or veer down a path you hadn't planned on them to, it can be crushing. And it gets difficult as they get older.

I've often said that I can't control everything my children have to face when they walk out the door. I can't control what pops up during their day away from home, I won't be there right beside them every time they have a hard choice or decision to make and I have absolutely no control over what other people do, think or say in every moment. All I can do when I give them hugs, kisses and 'I love you's' when they leave for school is the hope that each of them takes with them all that I've taught them, and any of my life wisdom I've given to them over the years, to help guide them through their day. And that they all know that no matter what, I'll always be here with wide open arms to advise them, console them, guide them, give them strength, support and courage them to take on those challenges.

The most difficult thing about being a parent, especially for us moms, is having to let go. At some point, we need to let go of that little one who needed us for absolutely everything. We need to allow them to make mistakes or make those unwise decisions and choices in order for them to grow into the person they are meant to become. It's heart-breaking when they are 'lost'. We cry for them, pray for them or even beat ourselves up. They may not see that part or even know that it happens, but you know what? Underneath it all, they know.

Our song choice today is a reminder to moms, dads or guardians who may be forced to stand on the sidelines only being able to watch their child going through hard times. Hold onto those memories of their early years when all you had to do was wrap your arms around them to keep them safe and melt away their troubles. They will feel those endlessly loving arms around them and that's what they'll come back to when they need them the most.

 Keep doing what you're doing. It matters, they hear you and, even though you may not think so at that moment, they are grateful for all that you've given to them.

You are their lullaby.

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