Monday, March 11, 2019

Music Mantra Monday ~ Wiping Monday Fuzzies With The Beatles

Welcome to our Monday segment.

Well, it's been too long since I've had my Beatley goodness on the blog. It's not that I don't turn to them at least a couple times of day while I'm working. We just haven't had them join us on our Music segment for a while.

Revolver is one of my favorite albums. I think it's because it's right in the middle of the 'Mop Top Boys' phase and the more psychedelic stuff they are well-known for (mostly thanks to John). It's also the pedway to where they'd leave off their phenomenal contribution to the music world with the more serious tone of their music.

When I was a teenager, I was one of those 'loners' who dressed all in black, Cleopatra eye makeup, and a fire engine red Mohawk. I was trying to be invisible, I suppose. I didn't want to 'fit in' with the other crowds and didn't care if I did. I heard others' whispers that I was shy or a snob because if I had nothing to say, I said nothing. I wasn't comfortable in the large crowds at smoke breaks, or lunches in the cafeteria. I could usually be found sitting in my locker (yes...I was that tiny) on top of the milk crates we used back then to create shelves or sitting by the huge picture windows staring out across the school field. No matter where I was, I always had my headphones on, absorbing myself in my music.

This album depicts the girl I was back then. I wasn't outstandingly beautiful. I wasn't shaped like Pamela Anderson. I certainly didn't come from money. I had absolutely no time or patience for other kids who did stupid things that hurt others and thought it was funny. And I had no desire to fit into what the other kids around me perceived as 'popular'. I was who I was. There were outsiders who thought I was lonely, but I really wasn't. Those who took the time to sit with try seeing past what they could only see or what others voiced about me...figured that all out.

I really haven't changed all that much. Whenever I feel myself veering down a path I know isn't where I should be, I pull out this album to re-introduce myself to that girl who tuned everything out with music. And then I'm safe again.

We all have something like that. Some part of us we reach back to that re-directs our focus to where it needs to be.

For me, it's always the music surrounding me that I allow to guide me.

And The Beatles have, and always will be, that safe place for me.

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