Saturday, December 21, 2019

Writing Prompt Saturday ~ Finding Inner Peace

I am a self-proclaimed worry-wort.

I worry about everything and never just one thing. That would make it all so much easier. I worry about everything all at once, even things that I shouldn't even be worrying about. Events that have happened I can never change, events that haven't even happened yet (or, most likely never will) and every form of "what if..." you can imagine. And when does it usually kick in? At night, of course. You know, that time you're supposed to make your brain settle down for some much-needed rest time. That never happens for me.

I never seem to be able to shut my mind off, and this is not a healthy thing. But since I started writing, I do have a couple of places to turn my attention to in order to release some of that worry and turn every thought into some sort of positiveness. And if there's Beatles or classical music in the background...well...that's a bonus.

I guess the focus of today's post it to make sure that you have some sort of positive distraction to reach that inner peace we all need in order to get that absolutely necessary "down time". Trust me when I say that when it isn't there, or you forget that it is, it affects everything, most importantly your overall health.

So read over the above expression and take these words to heart. Find that positive energy to be drawn to instead of the worry-wort that tries taking over.

Where do you take your mind?

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