Monday, January 27, 2020

Music Mantra Monday ~ You Are My Sunshine

Alrighty. It's nostalgia time.

I grew up in a house surrounded by music. I had a Godmother who was trained in classical music and was also a Mezzo-Soprano in the Manitoba Opera. My grandparents always had their stereo on and loved Classical and Jazz. My mother was a piano teacher and sang in choirs who not only exposed me to classical music that she played and taught, but she also listened to all of the "oldies but goodies" that weren't as old when I was a kid. You can imagine all of the humming, whistling or singing aloud that went on around me and I loved it.

One thing I really loved is whenever I was sick or just not feeling very happy, I was sung too. Whether it was my favorite hymn from church, a solo opera piece (in whichever language was thrown in at the time) or the Beatles (my favorite...duh) it was the best medicine I received.

I carried that on with my children. Music is a huge part of our family life and we hear every form of it around here. Today's song was one of the "medicine songs" sung to me a long, long time ago. Not only is Johnny Cash a favorite around here, but this song touches my heart in a place I've always kept just for me. Even my best friend sang it to me when times were tough or when I was sick.

So, I am sharing this with you today. Remember: You are the sunshine to at least one other person in your life.

Carry it forward.

Happy Monday!

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