Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Talk About It ~ Stalking: Help Make It Stop

Every month of every year, we focus on specific causes that require people to get out there, talk about and make a difference. In January, our subject of focus is stalking.

Now, stalking is very different today than it was when I was younger. Back then, it was very much like it is depicted on television shows and B-movies where "girl is watched, girl is followed, girl becomes overwhelmingly paranoid, etc." What is tremendously overlooked is that this is not just an issue that is isolated to females. The focus of a stalker's attention could be male, female, young, adult, famous or not at all known. The true reasoning behind why a person becomes obsessed with another individual is entirely in the mind of the stalker, and it is scary.

Stalking is not limited to simply following a person around, taking pictures of them or having to know where they are and who they are with at every moment. Sometimes it is all about wanting to own another person. Sometimes it can be that the stalker cannot let go of a relationship and has convinced themselves that their target just needs to remember how much they love them. Other times it could be that the stalker becomes overly focused on a celebrity or someone who reminds them of a celebrity. Or it could be that one person who was nice to them when no one else would be. No matter what the person has convinced themselves their reasoning is, it is wrong on every level.

In this time, stalking is even more disturbing because of the unlimited amount of information available through social media. A victim can take every precaution suggested to them and still have to feel unsafe. And this is so unfair and unjust. Remember:

  • No one has the right to impinge on another person's basic and personal rights.
  • No one on earth "owns" another individual and has no right or power to believe they can.
  • No one can be allowed to make another individual feel so scared that they feel isolated in their own homes.
  • No one has any right at all to instill fear, insecurity, paranoia or pain on any level for another person or their loved ones.
Stalking is wrong and stalkers need to be stopped. This issue is very close to my heart and I speak, write and blog about it every year. If you are a victim, get support and help as soon as possible. A fantastic resource is SPARC. Not only do they offer advice, but they also offer different local centers to get help as close as possible. If you are close to a victim, do all you can to help them. Don't be fearful to raise your voice in support.

Talking is wrong.

Help me make it stop.

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