Monday, March 16, 2020

Music Mantra Monday ~ Believing In Hope

Every time I think things are finally on track and everything is going great, I'm thrown a curveball. My grandfather used to tell me such occurrences were, "learning experiences". Good or bad, every experience we face not only teaches us about a deeper part of ourselves; it also keeps us real and focused on who we're supposed to be as a whole.

Right now, the world is a scary place to live in. We are facing an unknown virus that we know very little about, how to research it or even how to effectively fight it. We are updated almost hourly about this virus and one event after another is being canceled. Schools have shut down. People are having to resort to having their groceries delivered rather than venturing out to the stores as more and more places are reducing their hours of operation and staff. We are rapidly moving to being confined to our own homes, having no face-to-face contact with others. Under these circumstances, it can be extremely difficult to remain positive...about anything.

But I am a very strong believer that in the worst of times, you have to turn to something positive. It is way to easy to be dragged down in the panic and chaos. As a person with an extremely low immune system and the inability to fight off infections or viruses, even I have had twinges of overwhelming worry. We can't give up. This is one time where we truly are in this crisis together.

So, rather than give in to fear of what may come; we need to believe that there is a light to keep in our sights above all else.

Hope, and believing in hope, are what will get us through it all.

Be safe and healthy, my dear friends.

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