Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Writing About Writing ~ Self-Exploration

For today's segment, I am going to introduce the concept of self-exploration through writing.

I have found comfort in journal writing and nonfiction stories my entire life. It's a way to purge personal thoughts, emotions, and other ideas in a safe way because, technically, you are the only one who reads what you write until you choose (if at all) to share it. And in these very worrisome and uncertain times, having a resource such as writing is invaluable.

My definition of self-exploration is having the courage to dig through all of the layers inside of us that make us a whole.  Every experience, connection, situation or decision, good or bad, creates a thin layer that can be considered a source of inspiration in our writing. For example, if you have gone through an extremely tough time but don't feel you can express the feelings and thoughts that have stemmed from it, writing can be a positive way to release them so they don't build up.

Journal writing or story writing doesn't just have to be about purging bad experiences. It is a way to simply try reaching a deeper level understanding of what makes It takes a lot of courage and strength to be willing to delve among the layers compressed inside of ourselves. Even if your words are never published or shared with others, they are stored for when you are ready to explore them. Or, maybe, you can re-explore them from a different stage on your life's journey with a fresh perspective.

For writers and authors, self-exploration is another form of research. It is a guide to being able to inject the right feel and voice into your work. Even with fiction, there is a certain amount of vulnerability the author needs to tap into in order to create a captivating and realistic plot and background a reader can become a part of.

My advice is to either purchase or handmake a journal. You could even create one on your computer, although this isn't really as private if someone knows your passwords. Set aside some time each day to explore a different side or level of yourself. Write about whatever comes to mind at that moment. There is always something to say and there are so many forms of inspiration around us.

Why not give self-exploration a try and see how deep you can go?

Happy writing and be safe and healthy.

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