Friday, May 8, 2020

Foodie Friday ~ A Review of SodaStream

Cut down on plastic bottles and cans!
I am so excited about today's post! No, I'm sorry. We don't have a recipe today but I am doing our bi-weekly review of a handy house gadget or tool. And today's is the SodaStream.

I've been interested in this wonderful tool since it first came out but the price was a bit out of my league. It still runs on the higher end of the scale as far as affordable kitchen gadgets at around $89 - $100, depending on where you go. However, I really think it's totally worth it.

Basically, it comes with an 890 ml reusable plastic bottle and a carbonation cylinder. All you have to do is fill the bottle up, securely fasten it to the nozzle, then press down on the button to get the carbonation process going. (I'm not sure if you can make out the water drops on the left, but those represent the level of carbonation you want. I always go for the highest.)

There are many different flavors to add to the water once it's bubbling and ready to go. I was actually surprised to find that they have fruity-type ones all the way up to fake versions of pop (Coke, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, etc.). You even have the option of using their selection of water flavors, very much like the ones you add to regular water.

Aside from being fun (the kids have used it more than I have), it's also a way to save money on bubbly drinks plus it's good for the environment because it reduces plastic bottles and cans. Yes, I know. I should drink non-bubbly water too, which I do. But this is a great way to get a refreshing beverage without all the cost and it's a lot lower in sugar. For example, one bottle allows for three kids to have a glass of whatever they make. OH! And you can also get additional bottles so you have a variety of flavors on the go.

The only minus I've found is that if you don't let the water sit for a bit after being carbonated before adding the flavor stuff, it explodes all over the place. We figured that out the hard way. Twice. lol

All-in-all as a bubbly drink lover, I highly recommend the SodaStream and encourage you to give it a try. Hey! These make great presents so add it to your Birthday, Mother's/Father's Day, or Christmas list.

Stay safe, healthy, and refreshed.

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