Thursday, November 24, 2022


I know. It has been a very long time since I touched base, and I'm so sorry. Life can sometimes create speed bumps for us to get over just when we believe everything is fine. These are the natural stressors in life that get thrown in our path just when we think things are smooth as silk. But, as I've learned, life isn't always fair. And it isn't supposed to be.

I learned from a very young age never to trust how things look, but to learn from how things really are. In other words, I expected the worst so I could be pleasantly surprised by the best. It's a natural defense mechanism, not a healthy one, but it's worked for me. Honestly, it's given me a tremendous amount of material for my fiction work. But that mindset can be more damaging than you realize.

In the past couple of years, we've endured a lot of change, turmoil, and issues we never thought we'd ever have to face. Things happen, yes. Without the right armory to deal with it, though, we feel similar to how Captain America felt during the final battle scene before his troops arrived (I am a Marvel geek.). A person can only be so strong for so long before they have nothing left to fight back...that's where I was. How could I inspire others when my own world was consuming me to a depth I'd never been prepared to? How on earth could I give others hope, when mine was being pecked away? 

Then I realized that in order to feel hope, we need to be given it in some small way. Having a child whose needs mean more than anything else on this planet and our presence is all they need?


Being told you are a "medical mystery" as you endure one medical condition after another, and no top-notch specialist can conclude why? continue to survive and shouldn't?


Living with an invisible condition deep inside of you that you fight every single day, but are judged for the symptoms others can see?


We are all stronger than we believe we are. It just takes that one source of strength to guide us through the darkness to lead us to where we are supposed to be.

I am back. And our focus on the blog will be changing over the next while.

Be strong. Be you. Be an ever-lasting footprint in our world.

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